Himalayan Salt Crystal Caves (Holotherapy)

For a healthy and peaceful life: Four magic touch.

Natural medication of Asthma..

In our project, we designed Male -Female separated areas ; We live Himalayan Salt Revolution in Alternative Medicine. Himalayan salt crystals, was formed about 250 million years ago with the main sea dry, Himalayan crystal salt, the most distinctive features of all kinds of rock salt; It is crystallized under high pressure, the reduced molecular structure and therefore the ability to enter the cell and the storage of solar energy during the drying. When dissolved in water (this is called sole solution) which traps the sun's energy over millions of years is not returned to the water, which is a feast.

Asthma patients in many parts of the world tried salt caves therapy and this natural therapy showed progress against respiratory diseases. With positive effects of salt therapy proven by many universities around the world, in particular asthma sufferers said they felt a significant improvement in quality of life after regular treatment. Salt therapy also helps us in our internal cleansing of the remnants and bacteria and helps us reinforce our immune system.

It was found that the salt therapy enhances the immune system and increases resistance to diseases. Continuous usage of crystal salt water treatment was seen the following benefits;

It helps to treat diseases of depression from Weight , kidney stones , cardiovascular diseases, migraine osteoporosis , rheumatoid arthritis, cancer ,the sugar disease and a very eczema psoriasis.

New England Journal of Medicine published an article (2006) in the light of research's results of Halo Therapy, which means salt therapy benefits, explains: "The salt therapy also strengthens the immune system and increases our resistance to disease. After 7 to 12 sessions, you will feel the benefits for approximately 6-12 continuous months. "




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