Big projects are guaranteed by  ASEM Group...

       ASEM group, a group of companies operating in Turkey and in Europe is a member of many national and international organizations, has  business and work experience of 25 years in accordance with established standards of quality certificates. In the production of distinctive residential systems, our company started a new era with qualified residential service and quality approach has a respectable position in the field of construction.

       Our company produces technology and quality of housing, as well as being an extremely trusted establishment with its customers to deliver at the promised date. The basic principles are trust, quality and time. Our company continues to develop the sector by paying attention to the quality of work that reveals details and  racing against time accompanied by the hard work.

We will continue to show the world Akbuk's bright face through our project Grand Himalaya Health and Holiday Center.

       ASEM is within construction, tourism, sales, insurance, finance, consulting, marketing, real estate sales and managing.