1- What are the features of Grand Himalayan from other projects?

Four important points such as Salt caves, chambers of Ozone Therapy, Reflexology walking trails and Thalasso therapy in addition to combination of mountains , sea and sun is a single project.

2- Can I rent out my Assets?

You are allowed to rent your assets and all over your other property, such

You can use your savings right here.

3- Can we buy assets had taken by (Asem Group)?

If you want to purchase in advance of the circuit that you have taken, it mutually understood by us money through your day at the price conditions the payment is bought.

4- How members will benefit from the social space in the facility?

Members will receive discounts up to 50% benefit. This discount will not be valid in some sections. (Market For example, such as restaurants). When the member comes outside his period at any period of the year , he still have the discount.

5- Which social facilities will be free?

You have free use of areas inside the site such as open water pools, Volleyball, Basketball, Table Tennis, Beach Volleyball, Tennis Courts, reflexology trail, outdoor pool, Jacuzzis, outdoor children's pools, outdoor sports fields, mini aqua park, botanic garden, playground, outdoor pool, terraces.


The whole property will be delivered on 1 December 2018.