Health center

Hello again with healthy natural therapies


health professionals will provide our services and manage the health centers of natural therapy to eliminate a lot of health problems and to assist enjoyment of your holiday.Thalassotherapy center is located at the Health center of Grand Himalayan Salt Cave, there are also Ozone Therapy and Reflexology walking trail as natural treatments offered today for health treatment.

Reflexology Walking Park

These marches will add vitality to your life

Reflexology purpose is to revive body and mind in a quick and easy as possible. Also stimulates central nervous system of the body . In particular, the studies carried out in the last years said that treating diseases such as herniated disc and autistic showed obvious healing effects after applying this way .

Thalosso Therapy Centers

Sea water and the minerals

Thalasso Therapy Centers are planned to be Male-Female separated

Thalasso-therapy has many different features, this therapy is made using "revive" objects such as seaweed in a specific temperature, aerosol marine algae mask, hydro massage, water gymnastics, multi-jet bath and a power shower. Applications of  thalasso therapy are not few.

Which disease is useful for?

It is helpful in the treatment of many diseases such as Rheumatism and arthritis treatment circulatory and respiratory treatment, eczema and skin diseases such as psoriasis, stress, osteoporosis, cardiovascular . Hygienic environment and real sea water for your body with the control of experts in this type of therapy you will immediately feel the benefits.

Natural medication for Asthma

Himalayan Salt Cave Therapy

Our Salt Cave planned for Male-Female to be separated :

The positive impact on the body's acid-base balance.

relieves circulatory system and organs.

helps to adjust the blood pressure.

helps to thrown out accumulated toxins and heavy metals of the body .

Regular use;

It helps to treat diseases of  depression from Weight , kidney stones , cardiovascular diseases, migraine osteoporosis , rheumatoid arthritis, cancer the sugar disease and a very eczema psoriasis.

SPA Centre

Male and Female Separately designed SPA centers;


Both your body and your soul will be revived.

Ozone Therapy Center

Our Ozone Therapy Center planned for Male-Female to be separated; benefits of  Ozone therapy by activated oxygen molecules discovered different nowadays but it is an ancient form of treatment was made up to date. take of the stress , sleep better, get rid of chronic fatigue syndrome, cancer, bass, heart diseases, fungal, healing wounds, diabetes, asthma, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer's, neurological diseases such as Parkinson's disease, hepatitis and AIDS-related diseases.

Treating a therapeutic disease of the world by Ozone Therapy Center is the most important feature of our project.


Various pools to feel comfortable in your environment.


We designed male and female separated pools for all seasons to feel comfort ,and for our children the Mini Aqua Park for having the great moments of fun.

Sports Fields

You will have fun while doing sports


We reserve a place for you to stay fit by a large sports field environment.


For a restful prayer; Our indispensable Mosque


Grand Mosque in the heart of the Himalayas to worship in awe with a decent living environment.

Restaurants and Cafes

Your taste buds are with appropriate, reliable, restaurants and cafes.


According to Islamic procedures with carefully created menu, restaurant and cafe prepare trusted  specials.

Shopping Mall

Everything for your comfort in the Grand Himalayan health and recreation center was considered. Shopping Area, Market, Natural Grocery, Green grocer, deli, Gift shop, clothing store, Bakery, Dry Cleaning, butchers etc. They're all here.

Creche and Children's Play Areas

We are here for our children, we play together, we learn together.


Our projects have reserved large areas for our children. Nursery room under supervision of child development experts. Your children will be safe during your vacation.

Botanic Garden

Taking the air like you Soak it up , a sweet trip with your family…


Our guests can accommodate in our private hotel.If you want your guests to see the outstanding features on vacation, Grand Himalayan Health and Holiday Center is equipped with the unique environment for hosting them in our private hotel as well as our facilities.

Security / Parking

Security guards will serve along 24-hours , cameras and records 24/7, with custom design for parking you can leave your car safely . 

Tours – Activities

Tourism agencies in our company will arrange tours to environmental and archaeological sites in the region .


Private boat trips for females - Private boat trips for males, touristic and historical activities to Apollo, Miletus, Ephesus, Kusadasi, Bodrum, Sirince, Pamukkale , underwater diving, horse safari, jeep safari.

Services and Support

Airport transfer, sale of airline tickets, car rental, People Private Yacht Charter.

Asem Group Reserves the Right to Make Changes to the İnformation İntroduced in the Project