Giant project was established on 35,000 m2 , you will trust everything has been designed for.

Healthy life, Pleasant Holidays, Safe Investment...

Our project determines earth and humanity needs first with our life changing priorities, and it depends on currently rising trend all over the world . the most important issue at the health center of our project is to emphasis on health that we took upon ourselves.

We provide health services and all the facilities to make you at ease while having a quality and enjoyable holiday time.You can expand your investment and look forward to the future along with us after which you will find a very profitable investment for your family in our Grand Himalaya Health and Holiday Center which will have on its land of 35,000 m2 these units: 1+0, 1+1, 2+1, 2+1 duplex , 3+1 duplex, 4+1(Villa) waiting for you to choose.

Our Project:

  • 85% green areas

  • 30 Main building

  • A total of 301 units

  • Health Center

  • Men-Women separated Salt Caves

  • Reflexology Walking Trails

  • Men-Women separated Ozone Therapy Centers

  • Cafés and Restaurants

  • Children's playgrounds and nurseries

  • Men-Women separated SPA Centers

  • Mosque

  • Shopping malls

  • Multi-Purpose Meeting Room

  • Men-Women separated Indoor and Outdoor Sports Areas

  • Men-Women separated Outdoor and Indoor Swimming Pools

  • Entertainment Centers

  • Hotel

  • Hiking Trails

What's our custom-designed apartment :

We put in mind your safe ,Decent and healthy holiday environment through specially designed apartments : fire alarms, security cameras in the entrance of the blocks, shower cubicles in the bathrooms, luxury sinks, heat and sound insulation, central TV and satellite broadcasting, wireless internet connection, etc. all has been carefully crafted using premium materials for your comfort.